4 Inbound Marketing Tools

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I help companies with their design needs, building strong creative for various platforms. Some have marketing departments, some don’t. Now more than ever, I’m collaborating on strategy and which marketing channels to utilize as well. I spoke with content manager, Kelly Kranz from OverGo Studio to clarify some inbound tools that can be utilized to strengthen your current strategy.

First, what’s inbound marketing? Kelly said, “It’s marketing for humans. The core strategy of inbound marketing is content creation and promotion. Inbound marketing puts relevant content in front of your audience when they are ready to digest it. It builds relationships with your prospects and continues to foster a rapport with your leads.”

Kelly shared 4 inbound tools they regularly use to accomplish this:

Blog- publishing regular articles about your organization’s cause or activities is a useful way of giving a human voice to your company or brand. Through blog articles you can educate prospects about yourself and keep current donors in the loop about the day-to-day help their donations bring.

Email Campaigns- reaching out to your database of donors on a regular basis makes for a warm ask instead of a cold ask. Create email campaigns where you send blog articles and event information to stay connected with your audience. This way when you do reach out for a donation, you have already built a rapport with emails and they feel more connected to your cause because of the information you have shared.

Premium Content- videos can be your best friend. Consider videotaping events or daily activities inside the organization and share them with the public. One of my clients (an equestrian center for disabled children) videos the staff, facility and events with the kids. Because all the videos can be seen by the public, they aid in making this organization’s goals and culture more realistic to potential prospects.

Social Media- your audience can be reached on a variety of social media platforms. If you’re looking for baby boomers, head to Facebook. Social media is a great place to advertise your events. Share posts and promote them for a low fee to reach a larger audience beyond your followers.

Touching on the above tools Kelly reviews, there are so many more ways to reach your audience these days. I believe you first need great content and then you can repurpose it for all the channels out there. People consume their content differently, so you need to know your audience well and be where they are. Multiple touch points, great content and excellent creative are a recipe for success. Let’s connect and make sure you’re reaching your audience/donors in all the appropriate vehicles.


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