Creating with Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford

I’ve been working with the Vice President and Director of Marketing and Communications, Denise Brodey, of Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford since the spring of 2013. I help her and her staff regularly with collateral materials for their larger events and marketing message. Whether they need posters and ads for a specific campaign or graphics for their digital platforms, I’m there to collaborate.

Here’s what Denise has to say about our work together:

Jeanine has worked with me at Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford to rethink the Federation brand while still maintaining the integrity of our logo and heritage. She also maintained her sense of humor and my sanity, as we plunged into a three high-profile projects in rapid succession this fall: the launch of a new Federation brand campaign, “Every Generation Shapes Federation” that had to appeal to multiple generations, as well as a the relaunch of two high-end donor events. The campaign look is smart and simple. We’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of it! Her fabulous rethink of the donor events was well done and well delivered (imagine telling Disney it’s time to rethink the swirly ‘D’!).