Digital Magazine for Restauranteur Tom Schaudel

Dining in Style with Tom SchaudelThere’s no doubt the digital publishing age is upon us, when I was approached by a former colleague/writer from Woodbury Magazine, now President of Ciao Chow Media to design a digital dining magazine (aka DineZine), my interest was definitely peaked. Not only could emagazines be used for entertainment, they could also be used to market and brand a business. With sound, interactivity, link-ability and more, what better way to engage customers and reach new ones?

Our first client, Chef and Restaurateur Tom Schaudel, is a successful food personality on Long Island with four restaurants, a catering company, a radio show and a book. We brought it all together and branded him with his very own digital magazine, entitled Dining in Style.

I worked directly with writers, editors, photographers and videographers to build the DineZine from scratch. The result was a ground-breaking emagazine that hadn’t been – and still has not been – done at such a sophisticated level. There were over 6,000 visits and it’s still growing! The DIS follow up issue is scheduled for December, 2012. This time we’re working in track-able QR codes.