How is your non-profit including people with disabilities?

How is your non-profit including people with disabilities?

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I read an interesting article in The NonProfit Times recently; it was on how non-profits haven’t been very good at including people with disabilities. The study titled: “Disability in Philanthropy & Nonprofits: A Study on the Inclusion and Exclusion of the 1-in-5 People Who Live with a Disability and What You Can Do to Make Things Better” was from RespectAbility, a nonprofit working on inclusion efforts for people with disabilities. It went on to say there are simple things that can be done to show how your organization can be inclusive to people of all abilities.

Two ideas they mention are:

  • Enable people with disabilities to request accommodations such as sign language interpreters on event registration forms
  • Use video captions to ensure people who are deaf or hard of hearing can use the content, (captioning services are easy to use and often free)

That made me think of an article I wrote on color-blindness and making sure everyone can read your content, see the post here. Another point would be designing well thought out collateral material that engages your audience of all abilities. Font sizes, colors, high contrast images, and readability, these details, show thoughtfulness and can help set your organization apart in a very crowded space.


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