On the Dotted Line: Your Signature Counts

On the Dotted Line: Your Signature Counts

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scanning line artA signature may seem like a small detail, but it’s not – especially in your marketing efforts. Not only is it the proper way to close a letter, it’s also an affirmation of sorts. And while some people opt to use a handwriting font, it feels more authentic if you utilize your real signature.

Usually, I’ll ask my client to send me their John Hancock and I’ll scan it for them. If there are time constraints and they have a scanner available, they can simply email me the scanned file. It may seem obvious and even banal to explain scanning a signature, but the opposite is true with line art.

You’ve probably quickly and easily scanned a photo or printed item a thousand times before, but signatures are different. Therefore, I always recommend getting at least three written on a sheet of plain white copy paper in ball point ink for print. Sometimes it’s even better with a fine-tipped Sharpie for autographs that will be viewed solely on the computer or handhelds. Why not try both and see which results you prefer?

Number one: start with a clean scan bed is number one after you have the signed paper in hand. It’s an often small forgotten detail that matters greatly, so dust with microfiber cloth to easily eliminate any debris. Then, choose black and white and scan at 600dpi (dots per inch). 300dpi is hi-res and great for photos, but line art just prints better with a higher dpi setting. You do not need any of the other filters or options available for this task.

Finally, save your signature scan as a jpg and you’ll be able to use it in word documents and email. Once sent as an attachment, I’ll switch it over to a “tif” for print files. Voila, you’re done! Now, you have a crisp, personalized signature to use over and over again in letter closings and other marketing needs.


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