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What’s missing from digital? Touch, that’s where paper makes the difference. This month I was researching paper stocks for an upcoming project. The paper mills have beautiful examples on how to use their product line. Plenty of inspiration using foil stamping, die-cutting, embossing, and spot varnishes. These techniques are beautiful and if your budget allows, add a special wow factor, but you don’t need them to make an impact. Short runs (under 2,500) using textured stocks can showcase your event in a sophisticated way without breaking the bank. I called Neenah Papers to see how well they print on digital presses, which are often the most cost-effective on short runs. The good news is they run well and you can use different finishes or textures within one piece and have it really stand out.

Why print? A well-designed mailing or invitation engages your audience. It feels special, literally. Touch is the added sense you miss out on with digital and web-based content. While perusing the paper samples, I was delighted. It got me thinking how nice it is to get a card in the mail, a beautiful hang tag on a t-shirt or beautiful packaging from a delivery. A note from my colleague, Maralyn Dolan, of Integrated Printing & Graphics was fabulous, especially her last line: “What’s old is new again – want to get noticed? Think print…” I couldn’t agree more.


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