It pays to hire a professional writer

It pays to hire a professional writer

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I’m in the middle of three website redesigns, and one of the first questions I ask is, “How do you plan on adding content to your site?” If my client just wants the site to look good and has no content plan, I recommend they don’t waste their money. Websites are not brochures. They are regularly evolving marketing tools that help drive sales. Whether you are a non-profit, B2B or have a product you’re selling, your website helps you get found and pushes your prospects through the sales funnel. Depending on your organization’s size and target audience there are different ways to accomplish this, but it all stems from smart content. That’s where it pays to hire a professional writer. Now, I have redone websites without a writer when the content that exists is solid and the Development or Marketing Director wears both hats, but if not, the first thing I recommend is adding a writer who understands writing with keywords and SEO in mind while still sounding like a human. There are just too many aspects to leave to chance. Even seemingly innocuous copy lines need to be reviewed; check out this link on microcopy. Yes, of course I still want the site to look good and be easy to navigate, but without a sound writing strategy you only have half of the puzzle. I’ve seen beautiful sites with weak content and lackluster sites with great content. It’s better when you have both together. For my non-profits out there, the podcast fromThe Chronicle of Philanthropy discusses, “Show your impact through online storytelling”. Above are just two examples of why it helps to have a writer available. I could expound all day on why you need both a designer and writer as part of your team but suffice to say that when you need a writer, I know many excellent ones and can recommend the right one to help you connect with your audience. 


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