My plans for 2014

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I’m a big goal setter, so I really love when the new year rolls around. That way I can decide what to learn and do next. This January is no different! So far I’ve met with my business coach, Ilise Benun, and had a productive conversation on next steps for the growth of my business — and yours.

  1. Tackle Twitter: Oh sure, I dabble, but I want to better understand how to implement it as a strategic marketing tool this year.
  2. Take a Marketing Class: As a designer I wear many hats, but more and more, my clients need help with strategic planning. I’m already signed up for a creative strategy course and it’s starting next week.
  3. Attend a Conference. This March I’ll be in Brooklyn for a two-day symposium for creative principals. I’ll see what’s what in design best practice to make me a stronger partner for you.
These are some of my immediate plans for the first quarter, as well as attending an energetic listening seminar in February, because we can always improve our listening skills.I’ve also planned the next few months worth of newsletter content. Be on the lookout for interviews with a UX designer, and an inbound marketing and social media expert. And, after I chat with Noble Desktop guru, Dan Rodney, I’ll have some best practice tips for producing some of your own in-house web graphics.


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