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Wow, it wasn’t that long ago when my print jobs outnumbered digital. Not recently though, I just finished three websites with a fourth being finalized in the next couple of weeks and created an ebook. While I’m still involved with print, creating direct mail, newsletters, sell sheets, trade show banners, etc., the ratio has changed and usually there is a digital version to my print jobs. This is not good or bad, just a shift. There is plenty of room in your marketing for both.

What ratio should you use? When you consider all of the vehicles available to market your cause or company, does the spilt even matter? I believe that it’s more important that you have a regularly scheduled plan than worrying about trying to tackle every possible channel out there. You do need a mix, but it’s important that you do not set yourself up to fail. If you say you are going to blog daily or weekly, then you need to continue that. It might be better to start twice a month or monthly and build up as time allows or money to hire outside help is available.

I like to start with a large calendar and plan out the year in advance. You can determine the mix once you set the budget. Is it bi-monthly blogs, a monthly e-newsletter, two ebooks, a video, landing pages for a mix of digital ads along with six acquisition direct mail packages, and print collateral for a gala you’re hosting or conferences you will be at? How much social media will be involved and if you regularly update Facebook and Twitter will you incorporate Instagram and Pinterest this year? These are the things to think about for next year’s plan and then how and who will be creating it for you. If you need help thinking this through, give me a shout and we can plan next year’s schedule out together. It’s more about having a steady, consistent presence than three digital pieces to one print.


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