Shrink Your Photo’s File Sizes Easily

Shrink Your Photo’s File Sizes Easily

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This month I want to share a great little site for file compression. Most people know that you need hi-res files for print and lo-res files for the web. But, there can be a very big difference in how you prepare your lo-res file and keep it looking good to showcase on your website. Since not everyone has Adobe’s Photoshop at their fingertips, I asked my developer colleague, Brad Gardner, if he knew of any apps or plugins that would handle the sizing of graphic files, on the fly, for my clients. He didn’t disappoint, Brad recommended tinyjpg. I tested it out myself and think it is a wonderful solution for shrinking file size and retaining quality. It handles both jpg’s and png’s which are common file types for photos on the web. You literally just drag the file onto the site, it works it’s magic and tells you the size difference it saved you and then let’s you download it. Most of my clients have multiple staff members loading graphics to their site for blog posts and photo galleries to showcase events. It will be nice to use this resource and keep your load times fast on your site. There are so many steps in keeping a well-oiled website running. The last thing you want is people leaving your site because your photos are loading too slowly.


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