Yes, design can solve problems

Yes, design can solve problems

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Wow, it was a busy first quarter. Between two think tanks and a design symposium, I was immersed in planning and surrounded by sharp, strategic design minds. This involvement reaffirmed something I always believed was true: the best designers are great problem solvers.

When you bring a designer in on the front end, rather than just handing over copy and saying, “design this to look good,” you may find there is a better way to solve the job. It may even be a more cost effective solution to the problem.

That’s part of what I have been doing with The Ben Appelbaum Foundation. With the director and a few other strategic business people, we meet with an organization and help troubleshoot their situation. Our goal is for the business to leave with actionable steps to move their company forward. It’s been tremendously effective—and I’m grateful to be involved.

How does this help you? Your company can benefit from objective eyes as well. Let’s schedule a strategic planning session.

What we’ll do: Review a current project/website, or discuss a new project that you’ve been thinking about, with a focus on solutions.

For example: At a recent think tank, I reviewed the client’s website and identified five easy fixes that would make the site more user-friendly.

Take away: You’ll leave the session with a clearer picture on how to execute your new idea, or improve upon your existing project.

Designing is more than creating a good looking graphic. It needs to work harder. That’s why it’s integral to bring the designer in up-front. Their creative insight into a project can help get your message to the audience quickly, stylishly and powerfully—and it can save you time, aggravation, and even money.


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